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Our Fine Liner Brush is a must have in your nail art kit With its unique triangular top, you'll have a secure grip whilst it comfortably sits in your hand along with its fine tip making it easier to create that perfect french & other Nail art designs…… Our brushes are made with only the the highest quality bristles ensure a smooth and durable application.

Say goodbye to worries about bristle wear and fallout, as this brush maintains its quality even with extended use. Characterised by its sleek pink design handle it adds a touch of style to your kit while still offering functional benefits. It is meticulously crafted with durable bristles that stand strong against wear and tear, promising a longer lifespan and sustained performance

This brush is a multipurpose tool that can be used for not only nail art but refining your structure base, getting right back to the Cutical with your gel polish during a Russian manicure and so much more!

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